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                                The Story of Ferg’s Bavarian Village

Our farm has  been  in   the Ferg  family since 1898 when  August  Ferg purchased it. August  was  Lloyd’s  grandfather  Gustave’s  brother.   In  1912  August  and   his  wife  Amelia  built  our  8  bedroom   house  to accommodate their family of 7.    Lloyd’s  dad,  Albert, purchased this farm from  his  cousins  in  1940,  keeping  the  farm  in  the Ferg family.   We  purchased   this   farm   from   Albert and Emma Ferg, Lloyd’s parents, soon after we married in 1956.

In 1992, the upstairs floor of our  house  became  a  bed  and  breakfast.  Each guest bedroom in our 1912   house  has  it’s  own  private  attached  bath.  Guests are served   breakfast in the dining area on the second floor.

Our  gift-shop  came  next  in  1993. Lloyd  made  the  old  machine shed  into  the  gift  shop.

Most of our gifts originate in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In    1995   our   old  church  horse  barn   became  our  little  St. Nikolis  Silent  Night  church   replica.

Then in 1998  we  remodeled  our  garage  into  our  biergarten,    Our  August  Oktoberfests

followed.  They were so much fun , we had  thirteen of  them.  The sound of  the  music filled our village and still echoes here, waiting for some more festivals.

In  2003 ,  we  added  a room  to  our biergarten , increasing our seating to 50+. We call it our Alpen  Rosen  Room   because  it overlooks  our  flowers , ponds , lawn, and  little  St. Nikolis Kirche.

Almost   all   of   our   buildings  are  ‘turn  of  the  20th century’  except  the  biergarten  and    Santa’s Workshop. Our biergarten was our garage, and Santa’s Workshop was a hog barn.

What fun it is to live here in this Bavarian-style farm village!!! And what fun we  had  building  it!!   For all this we give thanks to our LORD and SAVIOR  JESUS CHRIST!  AMEN!

Looking forward to your visit. 

Your hosts:  Lloyd and Shirley Ferg